Anything can happen at The Harlequin Hypnosis Show- Oct 2nd 3rd.

Join us for a night of hilarious hypnosis, music and intrigue. The Harlequin Hypnosis Show returns to The Orpheum Annex Theatre on October 2nd and 3rd. Doors open at 6.15.


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Tickets 1 – 5

Getting ready for our October 2nd/3rd show.



Pic by Lukas Maier.
We recently did a photoshoot at The Orpheum Annex with some of the team getting ready for The Harlequin Hypnosis Show, 2015. When we do a shoot like this we pull together a great deal of resources, including hair and makeup skills, corsetry, video and photography.There’s quite a lot to putting on a show like Harlequin. Sharlene and I are central to it, but as the crew in this image shows, and keep in mind this is not the whole team by any means, there are a lot of people involved. We’re working with a live band this year, Persons Of Interest, who are turning out to be a great bunch of characters to tie up with. This shoot does not include the dance team.As can be seen from the images that will start to come out over the coming weeks Jennifer Bond’s magnificent corsets add a great deal to these shoots. Jennifer has been a great help, and is an absolute professional in all she does. She personally works with each subject and ensures they are well presented and can wear the garment to good effect.

Damara – HHS/RH

We used four different photographers on this shoot, including Alexander Velásquez García, Jarret McKenna and Lukas Maier and myself, all working together and collaborating to get some amazing results. In this case we used a combination of stage lighting and a large white LCD flat light, which pushed out a tremendous amount of filling light. While stage lighting is great for performance, it can leave a heavier shadow than we’d like in this type of shoot, so punching in a little targeted fill is very useful. Sam Luk also worked on video and is putting together some great documentary material. Sam and Jarrett are Harlequin veterans, and both have very strong backgrounds in technical aspects of film, video and animation. One of the wonderful things about working in Vancouver is the availability of people who are multi-talented and very well trained in these fields.

Alona Kuzyk and Zoe Savage did a great job on makeup and hair for our ladies. On a project like this there will typically be about 3 hours of preparation and about 30 or 40 minutes of shooting. For those that are interested, we also have a small amount of time spent on Photoshop after the shoot. This is done in Ottawa, by Queena Li, and just adds a finishing touch.

When we do a shoot like this the primary outlet is Facebook and a few other online destinations. It’s to garner interest in the show and let people know what we’re up to. We have a great time with our photoshoots and the team at The Orpheum Annex have been very helpful to us. Peter Kendall and his staff always provide us with great support.

We’re always interested in talking to photographers and models about working with our team. We often invite photographers to our show, as we know the value of the visuals that result. If you are interested in being invited to either one of the shoots or the show, let me know and I’ll see if there’s anything that we can do. Should you be interested in working with any of the subjects, makeup and hair team, photographers or costume team, contact me at and I will do what I can to organise it.

Rob Hadley