Jen ChanSocial Media, On-Stage Talent & Poster Chic
Jen covers a broad range of responsibilities. When it comes to getting the word out, she’s on it. Street posters, fully integrated QR code with analytics tracking, and managing merchandise are just the start of it for Jen. She’s also on stage, and handling social media. And she still has time to contribute story ideas and skateboard down Granville street postering, while simultaneously texting and generally being a bad ass.


Jarrett McKennaLighting & Sound Creator.

QB1_5262smallJarrett is a Vancouver based game designer who moonlights as a lighting technician for the show. He’s been involved with the show since the beginning in technical and creative roles. He enjoys improv theatre, production, technology, and creative startups in general.

Jarrett has special skills around game narrative and the management of multiple story lines. His game development has prepared him ideally to manage the insanity that goes on before him. If the night is a total disaster, Jarrett is ideally positioned to slip out of the theater and escape to the pub before other members of the cast and crew.

Sam Luk – Film support

Sam is an award winning movie maker who spends his time between the movie insudtry and a range of other creative endeavours. He has been recognised for several movie project over the last year, resulting in his films being featured in a number of North American and European film festivals. His company Parafauna is a thriving Vancouver concern.

Olena Kuzyk – Hair and make-up

13466432_512571792264976_3915073774018714709_nIt takes a lot to make Rob look good. Not so much so for Sharlene, but with Olena behind us we always manage to look great. If you are looking for a talented hairdresser, Olena is currently taking a limited number of private clients. Email us at for her contact details.









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