This years show comes to you with a host of new features, including Persons Of Interest and new and exciting hypnosis sets. We’re looking forward to meeting new friends and welcoming back our faithful followers.

11392911_862653737143877_3094621314189221599_nRob Hadley
Rob has performed on four continents in hundreds of shows. His hypnosis performances have marked him out as Gigmasters top hypnotist in the North West for the last five years.

During a performance career that has taken him from Rio de Janeiro to Mumbai, Rob has seen it all. “I’ve blown up speakers at stadiums in Seattle and had a stage collapse in Kelowna,” he jokes.

Favourite review: “Rob is the most exciting thing to happen in Whitehorse since the Billy Bob’s trailer burned down and nearly took the park with it!”

1_AVG_0363-250X250Sharlene Canning
Sharlene will hypnotise and mesmerise you with her unique brand of skills. She has been an entertainer for 12 years, thrilling audiences throughout Canada and the US.

Most awkward moment on stage: “Rob had hired some mics from a supplier we don’t usually use, and I couldn’t get the thing to work – and two minutes before we go on stage I’m all “#3$${‘ing mic!”, not realizing the entire theatre could hear what I was saying. So, you know that scar above Rob’s eye? Well, now you know how he got it.

I’m very mild mannered usually.”

Feature Image: Jarrett McKenna

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