What are you wearing to the Harlequin Hypnosis Show?

The Harlequin Hypnosis Show is not just about hypnosis: it’s a step into a world of fun and adventure! We want you to enjoy the night even more by dressing for the part. This is a chance to go out and shine – to party like it’s 1899!


Steampunk fashions usually find their inspiration in the Victorian era, where corsets, bustles, waistcoats, cravats and top hats are a regular feature. Add a few gadgets, some goggles or a few gears and you’ve got yourself a steampunk outfit! You can even find inspiration from the American wild west, which was popularized in part by the Will Smith film ‘Wild Wild West’.

Check out our Pinterest page for Steampunk inspiration!

We welcome our audience members to come dressed to the nines in their finest steampunk garb. At the beginning of each show we host a costume contest; you could be the winner!

We generally offer a prize for the winner of the costume competition. If you are a company with a local product or service you’d like to offer as a prize we’d love to hear from you. Simply email us at info@HarlequinHypnosisShow.com

What are you wearing to the Harlequin Hypnosis Show?
What are you wearing to the Harlequin Hypnosis Show?

About Steampunk

Steampunk attire follows the 19th-century Victorian-meets-futuristic style that started in literature and morphed into a fashion statement like nothing else out there. To put together an outfit using this cutting edge look, women should think Victorian party time but with a “Bride of Frankenstein” edge. Velvet, lace, satin, and silk are the fabrics to look for, and clothes should be fitted and somewhat frilly. Steampunk fashion has hit the mainstream thanks to designers such as John Galliano for Christian Dior and Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen. Both designers created lines, which include blazers with nipped-in waists and dramatic detailing, and long, form-fitting skirts. Wear a long bustled dress, fitted velvet blazer, top hat with a veil, and spike heel button-up or buckled boots to go all out. Men can look to the past in the works of Jules Verne and H.G. Wells and to the present to video games such as “Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends.” Top your tuxedo trousers with a striped vest, high-collared shirt, cravat, and tailcoat or duster jacket. Your bowler or top hat should be black. Add spats atop your shoes, or wear combat or pirate-style boots with lots of buckles or gear-inspired embellishments. No one should forget the ubiquitous steampunk goggles, which can function as a decorative accessory or as sunglasses. Find all the steampunk clothes and gear you need by choosing from the vast selection on eBay.



Jen ChanSocial Media, On-Stage Talent & Poster Chic
Jen covers a broad range of responsibilities. When it comes to getting the word out, she’s on it. Street posters, fully integrated QR code with analytics tracking, and managing merchandise are just the start of it for Jen. She’s also on stage, and handling social media. And she still has time to contribute story ideas and skateboard down Granville street postering, while simultaneously texting and generally being a bad ass.


Jarrett McKennaLighting & Sound Creator.

QB1_5262smallJarrett is a Vancouver based game designer who moonlights as a lighting technician for the show. He’s been involved with the show since the beginning in technical and creative roles. He enjoys improv theatre, production, technology, and creative startups in general.

Jarrett has special skills around game narrative and the management of multiple story lines. His game development has prepared him ideally to manage the insanity that goes on before him. If the night is a total disaster, Jarrett is ideally positioned to slip out of the theater and escape to the pub before other members of the cast and crew.

Sam Luk – Film support

Sam is an award winning movie maker who spends his time between the movie insudtry and a range of other creative endeavours. He has been recognised for several movie project over the last year, resulting in his films being featured in a number of North American and European film festivals. His company Parafauna is a thriving Vancouver concern.

Olena Kuzyk – Hair and make-up

13466432_512571792264976_3915073774018714709_nIt takes a lot to make Rob look good. Not so much so for Sharlene, but with Olena behind us we always manage to look great. If you are looking for a talented hairdresser, Olena is currently taking a limited number of private clients. Email us at info@harlequinhypnosisshow.com for her contact details.










This years show comes to you with a host of new features, including Persons Of Interest and new and exciting hypnosis sets. We’re looking forward to meeting new friends and welcoming back our faithful followers.

11392911_862653737143877_3094621314189221599_nRob Hadley
Rob has performed on four continents in hundreds of shows. His hypnosis performances have marked him out as Gigmasters top hypnotist in the North West for the last five years.

During a performance career that has taken him from Rio de Janeiro to Mumbai, Rob has seen it all. “I’ve blown up speakers at stadiums in Seattle and had a stage collapse in Kelowna,” he jokes.

Favourite review: “Rob is the most exciting thing to happen in Whitehorse since the Billy Bob’s trailer burned down and nearly took the park with it!”

1_AVG_0363-250X250Sharlene Canning
Sharlene will hypnotise and mesmerise you with her unique brand of skills. She has been an entertainer for 12 years, thrilling audiences throughout Canada and the US.

Most awkward moment on stage: “Rob had hired some mics from a supplier we don’t usually use, and I couldn’t get the thing to work – and two minutes before we go on stage I’m all “#3$${‘ing mic!”, not realizing the entire theatre could hear what I was saying. So, you know that scar above Rob’s eye? Well, now you know how he got it.

I’m very mild mannered usually.”

Feature Image: Jarrett McKenna

Buy Tickets

Harlequin Hypnosis Show will be back on October 2nd and 3rd, 2015 – At The Orpheum Annex Theater, Vanocouver.

During 2014 we sold out the substantial space of the Orpheum Annex Theater, as well as the smaller Improv Theater on Granville Island. In 2015 we are pleased to offer advance sale tickets at a discount price of $29.95. In Mid Spetember the prices will increase to $39.95.

Our first set of tickets are now available. These tickets are priced at $29.95.

Tickets 1 – 5


The Harlequn Hypnosis Show. Are you ready for adventure?

Sam Luc’s amazing video of Season 1.

Inside Out – Part 2

Inside Out – Part 1

The Team at FanExpo in Vancouver April 2014

The Fire Dance at The Orpheum Annex Theater in Vancouver.

The Infamous Harlequin Hypnosis Show Rowing Scene.

Onstage in Port Moody.

Behind the scenes in a planning stages of The Harlequin Hypnosis Show.

All you need is a girl and a gun! From September 2013



Team Pictures:

Advertising Images.



Vicki Lynn Rae

Vicki currently lives and works in New Westminster, BC. She received formal training at the Lorenzo di Medici Art Institute in Florence, Italy and is otherwise ‘self taught’. A Vancouverite with Native Canadian and South African roots Vicki has explored various themes such as SAFARI and other wildlife subjects, dance and human experience, spirituality and psychology. Using a striking, vivid pallet, expressionism and the full spectrum of human emotion Vicki’s body of work honours and embraces the light and the shadow, and en masse, is a captivating visual journal of her life and experiences. “Employing intuition as a guide and raw emotion as fuel, I give all of myself to my Art. I engage with each piece, as if in a dance. Allowing the painting to lead me I aim to reveal it’s unique energy, it’s voice and the story it has to tell.”


Visit Vicki’s website: http://www.vickirae.com/

Volunteer with the Harlequin Hypnosis Show

Are you interested in being involved in a fun, fast-paced theatre company with like-minded people? Are you interested in sharing your creative talents with the world? Whether you are looking to spend an evening helping out or becoming a larger part of our team; we have a job for you. We have both short-term and long-term volunteer opportunities available with The Harlequin Hypnosis Show.

Passion is necessary, experience is not!

If you are a high school student looking to fulfill their hours for graduation, studying theatre or film in university, or just want to get out for an evening to see a fun new show, we have volunteer opportunities for you. We are looking for BOX OFFICE STAFF, PROPS & SET BUILDERS, ON-STAGE TALENT and STREET TEAM (POSTERING). Every volunteer shift allows you to see a performance of THE HARLEQUIN HYPNOSIS SHOW! And if one night isn’t enough, we welcome you to join our team of longer-term volunteers. Please note on-stage talent will be required to participate in one rehearsal prior to the show.

If you are a creative talent looking to get more experience in the professional world of theatre, look no further. We ask these volunteers to commit approximately 2 to 10 hours per month, as well as attend bi-weekly meetings near Cambie & Broadway skytrain station. We have positions available in MARKETING, STAGE MANAGEMENT, BOX OFFICE MANAGEMENT, GRAPHIC DESIGN, PROPS, SET & COSTUME DESIGN & CONSTRUCTION, MEDIA PRODUCTION (video, photography, post-production), MAKEUP & HAIRSTYLING, SOCIAL MEDIA CO-ORDINATION, STAGE HANDS, TECHNICAL (light & sound) and ON-STAGE TALENT. Volunteers who commit to a longer-term opportunity are given up to 4 tickets per show, among other perks! Our commitment to volunteers who join our team is to tailor your experience with us to suit your needs, such as getting photos for your portfolio & giving you valuable work experience.